Unlike the already made Chinese or Turkish printed label, where is not possible to make changes, the label printed in Kharkov or Kremenchug saves your money. So, in the already made label, you will have to buy three separate rolls for the size label, label with composition and care signs.
When printing a label, you can place everything on one tag: the name and logo of the company, size, composition, care signs and any additional information. Production time from the date of approval of the layout – from 3 working days.
Satin or nylon labels, economical or premium, wholesale or retail - you decide. Your layouts are saved and you can reprint the required quantity at any time. For regular customers we form warehouse of materials and the ability to print 1-2 working days.

Current requirements for printing on fabric:
• durability
• brightness
• low price
• print any layout

It is not always possible to fulfill all the requirements, but high-quality silk screen printing is different in all items.

Firstly, printing with paints on textiles with the fulfillment of all technological requirements for drying gives an image that is very wash-resistant. Secondly, multi-color silk-screen printing allows you to color complex shades, getting bright colors. Thirdly, the price of silk-screen printing is always lower when ordering more products. Most layouts can be prepared for multicolor silk screen printing. For a more detailed calculation of the cost of printing on fabric, please contact our offices in Kharkov and Kremenchug.