Duplication of fabric, shrinkage of fabric, sizing of fabric on non-woven or doubler - we perform all these services.

Large-format equipment allows you to duplicate fabric rolls for wholesale customers. Thermoshrinkage of the fabric is necessary for many types of textiles, it allows you to avoid inconsistencies in the details of the cut, get a better image when printing on fabric.

1. Duplication of fabric on non-woven or doubler is carried out both on the customer’s materials and on our own materials from the warehouse. The price in the price list is for the sizing service, without the cost of materials.
2. Shrinkage of fabric, as an additional operation before sublimation printing on textiles, is necessary not for all types of fabric, but only for those where shrinkage is significant and can lead to marriage when printing on fabric.

Our recommendations

For regular customers, the Logoprint company offers in stock stock taped on non-woven fabrics: garardin and satin. If necessary, we can make purchases of your fabric, glue it in advance and supply it in the required quantity for your order. This service saves you time and money. For more detailed information, contact our managers.