Printing full-color ribbons, labels and tags for clothing on a textile basis (satin) has become a priority in the activities of Logoprint. Demand creates supply. In the market for printing fabric labels in Ukraine, high-quality, full-color ribbons and tags for the textile industry are very popular. These include sewn-in labels with the company logo, compounders, dimensional, decorative ribbons, etc.

The main differences between full-color ribbons and labels

- Persistent full color image with photo quality. We can print any layout and guarantee its high quality to abrasion.

- The brightness of colors, the selection of colors for the pontoon allows you to get the product as close as possible to the sample, especially when working with a brand book.

Our recommendations.

The prices in the price list are indicated both for printing on our material, and for printing on the material of the Customer. The main feature of printing high-quality full-color ribbons and labels is the quality of the material. We use European satin, which gives the maximum clear image. Using inexpensive Chinese materials, print quality can be unpredictable. We recommend that you print samples using materials other than our own.

  • Corporate clothing
  • Branded clothing
  • Decorative inserts
  • Clothing design elements
  • High quality products
    High quality printing labels with a resistant image to washing and abrasion. Ability to print a minimum order and multiple layouts. Printing of complex full-color models with a possibility of selection of color on a pontoon.