We start visiting exhibitions in 2020 with the city of Warsaw, RemaDays. Our main goal this year is to maximize the development of the direct printing sector on cotton fabrics. An exhibition is always new ideas, new supplies, new acquaintances and contacts. European manufacturers of equipment, paper and ink presented their latest developments at RemaDays.

Direct printing on cotton fabrics is interesting for many enterprises. Examples of fabrics for direct digital printing: calico, poplin, percale, bamboo, linen, cotton, diagonal, thick knitwear, as well as canvas, canvas, spunbond and non-woven. Samples of direct digital printing on fabrics at the exhibition: clothing, bedding, souvenirs. The direct printing method for cotton fabrics can be divided into two groups: printing for white and colored fabrics. Technologies and printing materials for colored fabrics are more complex and costly. LOGOPRINT company offers the most optimal method of direct printing on fabric - printing on white cotton fabrics.