Features of screen printing on fabric in Kharkov and Kremenchug:

1. The method “Silk-screen printing” was popular in the last century; nowadays, in current conditions it is implemented by technological developments with using new materials. Manual or automatic – screen printing provides ample opportunities for the design.

2. Special fabric paints and fabric dyes can be used for different textile surfaces:

  • water-based paints
  • plastisol paints
  • solvents (paints on solvents)

3. Glitter, foil, balls, luminous paint and puff are usually used to enhance the printing effect. The proposed additives make it possible to stand out sharply, especially against the dark, and be three-dimensional in the touch. Transparent bases with a lacquer effect or polishing printed impression in the press (gloss in printing).

Our recommendations:

We are constantly improving and looking for new technologies and materials in silk-screen printing. Dealing with our customers and performance of contract work for different clients all over Ukraine, have taught us to choose the best printing options for solving a particular problem. We don’t sell ready-made solutions and layouts, every time we re-analyze fabrics and prints. There are no similar orders and average conditions, every new print and fabric require the development and testing. In LOGOPRINT offices in Kharkov and Kremenchug, there is a free textile testing for firmness of image and fabric shrinkage, we also produce accurate color proofs, and provide some product care instructions.

Bulk print on fabric with pouff-additive is used to select both individual elements of the print and the whole logo. The volume directly depends on the amount of the additive, but it should not exceed 20%, so as not to crumble. The coating capacity of such a logo is much larger than conventional silk screen printing on fabric, especially on dark fabrics. The testing of the fabric can be carried out in the offices of LOGOPRINT in Kharkiv and Kremenchug.

The effect of volume is widely used in sportswear, when printing T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweetshots. Fabric for printing with a puff suggests a certain density, it looks good on overalls, uniforms. Children's clothing with bright volumetric logos and drawings will become a favorite with the child. The additive is used for plastisol paints with the obligatory subsequent heat treatment, so the textiles for printing must withstand a temperature of 160 ° C.