Characteristics of Computerized Embroidery on fabric in Kharkov and Kremenchug 

1. Computerized Embroidery on fabric – is a definition of the modern method of embroidery on fabric using multihead machines according to a previously written program. Such embroidery is of high quality and large production volumes. 

2. Threads that are used in computer embroidery::

  • viscose;
  • polyester;
  • metalized
  • light accumulating

3. Additional effects in machine embroidery: 3D or bulk embroidery, embroidery. Computerized Embroidery of chevrons or stripes.

Our recommendations:

Extensive experience in contract work throughout Ukraine in the field of machine embroidery allows us to perform different orders. For example, we use dense fills, multi-color designs and large areas for embroidery when embroidering furniture fabrics. Machine embroidery of the furniture company logo or print embroidery on decorative pillows, armrests, backs of chairs and sofas, in the manufacture of furniture for popular brands, cafes and restaurants. In the advertising and souvenir products from the terry there is computer embroidery: towels, bathrobes, slippers. Shoes, bags, wallets, backpacks – a large list of leather goods, which is used for embroidery. Leather and suede products with embroidery acquire a unique look, stand out for their brightness and authenticity. A separate direction is knitted embroidery, which is used in children's, women's and men's clothes. Multi-color applique and interesting design create original embroidery, which is the main decoration of clothes. A distinctive feature of the embroidery on the raincoat fabrics become professionally written program. Using a motif fill reduces the density of embroidery. Selection of an appropriate design reduces fabric screed. Embroidery on hats is the most common method of decorating hats. Knitted sweaters, dresses, cardigans with embroidery are favorites of the collections. The classic look of a coat becomes much more interesting and looks more expensive if it is decorated with computer embroidery. Ornamental embroidery very well emphasizes the coat models. Overalls are the main consumer of computer embroidery. Despite the difficult operating conditions of clothing, embroidery will retain image quality for a long time. In the LOGOPRINT company’s offices in Kharkov and Kremenchug, you can choose the necessary colors of thread, get recommendations on the selection of fabrics for applications.


A separate direction in computer machine embroidery is embroidery of chevrons. The use of multi-head embroidery machines allows you to execute large orders in a short time. The technology of embroidery of chevrons takes into account the density of the fabric and additional materials-stabilizers. Filling for embroidery chevrons can be either full or partial. At partial filling, the choice of a fabric for chevron, its color and the invoice is important.

Embroidery of chevrons is applied for many spheres of the textile industry: uniform, sports, tourist clothing, bags, leather goods, footwear, decor. Features of machine embroidery chevrons, patches:

  • the possibility of sewing chevrons both on the edge and on the finished product;
  • convenient cooperation with contract sewing organizations, there is no need to deliver the whole product to the shop
  • the possibility of embroidering chevrons and stripes on the warehouse, saving time and money.