LOGOPRINT company offers the manufacture of satin labels, tags, labels with a full color image. The press from 2 and more colors with selection of colors for pantone.

Premium label printing using the method of sublimation printing on fabric in Kharkov. The main difference of such a label is high wear resistance.  

According to the operating conditions of labels in the European Union, there are no high requirements for wear resistance to materials. Tags are often simply cut off after buying clothes, for this purpose, the recommended cut line, with scissors, is drawn in the layout.

We are increasingly receiving orders for persistent printing of full-color ribbons, labels and tags. In this regard, we have developed a high-quality printing technology satin ribbon both on the satin and matte side. We guarantee a high level of printing without a shadow.
A prerequisite is the coordination of work with the Customer: from the development of the layout to the quality control of the printed sample. At the offices of LOGOPRINT Kharkov you can familiarize yourself with print samples and calculate the necessary order.