In the XI century. the Florentine Lucca della Robia began to cover the tiles with a special milky-white glaze called majolica. This term comes from the name of the island of Mallorca (Mallorca), through which ceramics was delivered from Spain to Italy. The glaze invented by Robia was tinted blue by mixing in the composition of tin oxide. Green color was obtained after the addition of copper, and purple - manganese.

In modern fashion, this print is more likely an exception to the rule, a tribute to ancient traditions. But the Dolce & Gabbana collection as always came to impress. The beauty of tile with majolica switched to strict neat suits and became even more sophisticated thanks to the use of silk fabrics.

При print on synthetic fabrics the oriental flavor of majolica is played with new colors. Satin gloss with majolica print emphasizes the uniqueness of the product. The design approach to printing of white cotton fabric with majolica elements is used in home textiles, being a stylish solution in furniture upholstery, pillows, tablecloths.